Transaction Coordinators

Empowering Transaction Coordinators with Software to Keep the Teams They Serve on Track

You’re a task master. Not a paper pusher.

As a Transaction Coordinator you are trying to balance so many moving parts of a transaction, and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. You have mental lists, paper lists, and digital lists but there’s no easy way for those lists to bring your process to life. Preclose’s software is designed to centralize all of the tasks that you need to complete in one location with due dates and reminders to keep things on track for even the most complicated of transactions.

Important Features


Document Management


Due Date Tracking & Management


Automated Notifications/Reminders




Notes Section




Closed and Canceled Transactions

Key Features

Closing Plan: Let’s get real most closings have more steps than the Empire State Building. This feature will help you to stay on top of all of your deadlines, and tackle priority tasks.

Documents: Remember filing cabinets? They were fun in the eighties, but now we like to have everything in the cloud. All documents relevant to the transaction will be right there at your fingertips to select and send away.

Notes: Don’t have a photographic memory? It’s estimated that only 1% of people do. This feature will help you to recall exactly what you did or said during every leg of the transaction.

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