Preclose helps to keep everyone on your team on the same page.

Create Visibility into Transactions for Everyone on Your Team

All Agents on your team can easily view deadlines, forms, and contact information for multiple contracts with ease in our software. When your team utilizes Preclose’s Transaction Coordination service, they gain access to the software for visibility and gain the power of a new team as well. Our Transaction Coordination Service is a team designed to support your team and alleviate you from all of the administrative, time-intensive tasks that take place during the contract-to-close process.

See which Transaction Coordination solution is right for you.

Dedicated Point-of-Contact

When you become a Preclose client, you are assigned to a Transaction Coordinator that will be your dedicated point-of-contact for your closings. Your Transaction Coordinator will become an expert in your business and communication style.

Market Experts

In order to deliver a great closing experience, we know the importance of understanding the markets that we serve. Our Transaction Coordinators are experts in the closing process for your state, and can provide you with best practices.

Real Estate Background

Our Transaction Coordinators all have Real Estate backgrounds, which means that they are well-versed in the steps of the closing process and the role that everyone plays within a transaction. They understand the terminology and totally speak your language.

4X Hiring Process

 We hire our Transaction Coordinators based on four criteria: culture, ability to manage stress, domain experience, and the ability to embrace technology. You get an awesome TC that will serve as an extension of your team without hiring or managing them.

Streamline Closing Process

Our software is designed to mirror the tasks that need to be completed based on your closing plan. Instead of managing multiple calendars, communication tools, or paper lists you can have everything that you need for closing right at your fingertips.

Integrated with Key Systems

Preclose is integrated with Docusign, so you can send and share documents for signatures without leaving our software. We are also integrated with Dotloop, which enables you to import property info, dates, documents, and contracts from your Dotloop account.

Deadline Management

There are so many moving parts of a transaction and along with those moving parts come a lot of contract dates. Our software enables you to proactively manage your deadlines associated with your transaction, so you never miss any.

Create Transparency

Give everyone involved in a transaction visibility into what’s happening. There are different views catered to the information that you would want to see dependent upon your role as a Transaction Coordinator, Agent, Broker, Buyer, or Seller.



“My favorite thing about Preclose is the ability to build

out complicated processes that are easily tracked.”

Sean Miku
Team Leader