Real estate transaction management software focused on solving your real problems during the contract-to-close process.

Features that Transaction Coordinators and Agents care about. How do we know? We asked them.

Preclose’s software was designed with the user in mind. It sounds like a simple concept, but it’s really important to us that we build a solution that meets the needs of everyone involved in the transaction. Our software has been through an evolution, and it gets better with every release because of the amazing feedback that we get from Agents, Transaction Coordinators, Brokers, and Teams. It helps that we have Transaction Coordinators on staff, because we can actually run our ideas by our primary stakeholders. And, we only hire outspoken and glorious people, so we get really candid feedback that drives our product to be the best.

Important Features



Workflows, Team Friendliness & Multiple Offices



Community, Notifications & Email Templates


Peace Of Mind

Storage, Data Safety & Integrations