Top Reasons You Need a

Transaction Coordinator

It’s time to hire a transaction coordinator.

Agents using our Transaction Coordination service have shared insight into what happened in their day-to-day operations that caused them to turn to Preclose.


Sign 1: You Dropped the Ball

Ever forgotten to pass along important documentation to the lender? Maybe you forgot to reach out to the attorney to schedule the closing for the intended closing date? Our team of experienced Transaction Coordinators will feel like an extension of your team and are available whenever you need us. We offer our services on a per transaction basis, so that you can get as much help as you need with your transactions.


Sign 2: Your Assistant is Wearing Too Many Hats

Assistants are awesome! However, they tend to be generalists and not specialists. Preclose can provide you with trained professionals that specialize in the closing process. Not only will things not fall through the cracks, but our team will be proactive and help the deal to close faster. If you’re in high growth mode, keep your assistant focused on creating marketing campaigns to help build awareness and delegate other tasks that aren’t business critical but free up time.


Sign 3: All of the Leads, None of the Process

It’s easy to get caught up in generating leads and marketing yourself when you’re growing your business quickly, but now that you’ve got some success and experience under your belt, you’re at a critical crossroads of determining whether to hire someone to take on these additional tasks, or outsource. What if there was a different way? Why create a process, when you can utilize one that is proven and already exists? Preclose can help.

Hallmarks of Our Service


Specialists: Our TCs are well-versed in the state contracts, know the closing process, have Real Estate backgrounds, and are excellent project managers.


Dedicated Resource: You will have one point-of-contact for your transactions that will become an expert on your business.


Scale Your Business for Growth: If you’re bogged down in administrative tasks, then you don’t have time for value-added tasks such as marketing.


We’re an Extension of Your Team: Save money on the costs of hiring and training an employee to manage transactions.

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