Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you work with Preclose?

We carefully vet our team members and hire for experience and culture. Our TCs know the markets they serve intimately, and go the extra mile to understand the brand of each Agent and Brokerage that we work with to deliver a seamless experience for buyers and sellers. Our TCs aren’t in a foreign land and they are cherished members of our team. They are right here in Charleston, SC where all the rest of us zany Preclosers are located.

Our TCs are driven and passionate, and give us feedback on how we can improve the software we use to help facilitate your transactions every day. To that end, we are service with software. We hire the best TCs and want for them to have the best tools.

Question: How does my TC balance their workload? Since the TC isn’t specifically dedicated to me, how do I know I won’t be put on the back burner?

On average, our TCs manage about 20 transactions each. Our TCs work on a rolling close, so if you submit two transactions, then chances are your TC will have two closing very soon. We are monitoring the number of transactions all the time to ensure that each one is handled with the same level of great service. We also have a team of TCs, so if the TC that you normally work with is at capacity then we’ll have another equally amazing TC step in to help setup the file.

Question: What will the handoff process look like for my client when I’m ready to transition the deal over to the TC for the contract-to-close process?

The handoff process will look better than your celebrity crush. All joking aside, we’re really passionate about the transition being as seamless as possible. We recommend that you verbally introduce us as an extension of your team when you submit a file, because we do work for you. All of the emails that your clients receive from us will have your logo on them, and you will be Cc’d on all communication. We also give your clients access to the software that our TCs use to manage the transaction, so they have visibility into every step of the process.

Question: What if my TC is out of the office on vacation? How do I know who to tell my client to contact?

Our TCs are employees of Preclose, and we require advance notice for all vacations and make sure that there is adequate coverage before any vacation is approved. If your TC does go on vacation, then you will be given advance notice and will also be introduced to the TC that will be your point-of-contact while your TC is away. We have a software platform, which you also have access to, that allows us to keep working on your files with your clients to make sure everything stays on track for your closing. Keep in mind that a local small TC does not have that luxury, if they take a vacation or are out, your files aren’t being worked on. Doesn’t it feel reassuring to know that you have a backup?

Question: How quickly does my TC respond to me?

We typically answer emails in the order in which they are received. The only exception to this is if there is an escalation on a file, and your TC will be waiting for it to come in and handle it immediately. Our TCs work proactively, and are HUGE on communication. In addition, our TCs can also be reached via phone or text message.

Question: What can I expect when you interact with my client?

You can expect the best. We hire our TCs on 4 main criteria, and we have it down to a science. What are those 4 criteria?

1. Culture

2. Ability to Manage Stress

3. Domain Experience

4. Ability to Learn and Embrace Technology

Our culture is defined by our core values: people first, celebrate and have fun, deliver great products and service, embrace change, always collaborate, take action, and express gratitude often. We’re very picky. We have professional TCs that use proper grammar, have great phone etiquette, and have passed a background check.

Question: What do I do if I have feedback on my TC?

Let us know, and we’ll immediately buy a billboard to broadcast it. Actually, the opposite. The relationship that you have with your TC is so important, and we encourage you to give them any feedback that you have on your experience directly. However, if you would rather share the feedback with a different team member, then you can share it with Holly, our Team Leader for TC Services. You’ll be introduced to Holly during your kickoff process with Preclose, and you’ll quickly find that she’s awesome and very receptive to all feedback. She’ll listen to your feedback, and then handle it with our TCs accordingly. The best part of engaging with us is that we manage the hiring process and performance improvement, so you don’t have to.

Question: What role does your software play with your TCs?

We hire the best TCs and we want for them to have the best technology to support their work. We already think of our TCs as super, but when you combine a highly skilled TC with highly awesome software you make a superhero. Rather than tasks being managed manually, they are all managed through a streamlined workflow. We’ve designed our software to mimic best-in-class project plans and to reflect the structure of the contract for the state in which the transaction is taking place. Our TCs receive reminders through the software of all important milestones, so that nothing ever slips through the cracks on a transaction and they can proactively manage anything that looks like it’s lagging behind.

Question: Can you handle a file that I just signed today?

Yes, we can have a TC assigned to you today. Speaking of signing, if you’re interested in getting starting with us, it’s extremely easy. We offer our TC service on a transactional basis, so as your business grows we can scale with you. We’d love to be an extension of your team and help to make your contract-to-close process seamless.


Key Benefits of Working with Preclose


Specialists: Our TCs are well-versed in the state contracts, know the closing process, have Real Estate backgrounds, and are excellent project managers.


Dedicated Resource: You will have one point-of-contact for your transactions that will become an expert on your business.


Scale Your Business for Growth: If you’re bogged down in administrative tasks, then you don’t have time for value-added tasks such as marketing.


We’re an Extension of Your Team: Save money on the costs of hiring and training an employee to manage transactions.

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