Security Statement

Security Statement

We take the security of our customers’ personal information very seriously. How seriously?

We protect users from security threats.
Preclose implements security controls at every layer of our system, isolating customer applications and data, and rapidly deploying security updates without service interruption.

We use industry leading cloud computing services.
Preclose runs in a physically secure, isolated environment on Amazon Web Services, the industry leading cloud service provider.

We encrypt.
All data is encrypted both at rest and in-transit between our servers and customers.

We backup daily.
We maintain 4 encrypted, redundant databases to house all user data and transaction documents. Continuous backups are performed daily and tested to ensure data integrity is intact. We store these backups for 7 years. Real estate transactions from the past will ALWAYS be available to our customers.

We restrict access.
We implement role-based permission access to documents, messages and workflow updates. Only those users that need to know, will know.

We monitor for vulnerabilities.
Preclose is notified of vulnerabilities through both internal and external assessments and user-submitted vulnerability reports. Each report is reviewed, prioritized based on risk, and assigned to the appropriate security team for resolution.

Our commitment to customer privacy directs the decisions we make as a company on every level.